Marching Arts Promotion Terms and Conditions

No Purchase Necessary

It is not necessary to purchase anything from, Style Plus, or Marching Arts Education to apply for a Scholarship or Group Prize.

Awarding Process

The 2022-2023 Scholarships and Group Prizes will be awarded to two marching arts participants for the 2022-2023 season, Group Prizes will be awarded to one winter guard and one percussion/winds group, and all applicants will be awarded a one-month membership to Marching Arts Education.

Scholarships will be sponsored by, the Group Prizes will be sponsored by Style Plus, and the one-month membership to Marching Arts Education will be sponsored by Marching Arts Education. The recipients of the two Scholarships and two Group Prizes will be determined by our Prize Committee.

Scholarships to individuals are paid directly to the group through which they apply. In the event that the season is cancelled, these Scholarships and Group Prizes will be deferred to be awarded for the next season. If the season is not cancelled but a recipient decides NOT to compete in the 2022-2023 season, the Scholarship or Group Prize must be refunded from the recipient back to the sponsor. Group Prizes may be redeemed through the fall season 2023.


Limit one entry per individual and one entry per group. Any individual participant of the 2022-2023 season may apply to receive one of two $500 scholarships. Additionally, any color guard, percussion, or winds Group may apply to receive one of two Group Prizes. The Prize Committee will not make any decision of eligibility or determine winners based on age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or the organization they are a member of, or on any other grounds of discrimination. No one may apply that is NOT a participant of the 2022-2023 season. NOTE Employees of, Style Plus, or Marching Arts Education, and their family members are excluded from the promotion and are not eligible for application or for receiving a Scholarship or Group Prize.


A scholarship in the amount of $500 will be awarded to two participants for a total scholarship giveaway of $1,000. Two Group Prizes will be awarded: One color guard group will receive the value of 20 Unitards from Style Plus ($8,995 value) and one percussion or winds groups will receive the value of 20 Performance Tops  from Style Plus ($6,995 value) - Group Prizes may be redeemed through the fall 2023 season and may applied to any purchase through the Style Plus collection available on All applicants will receive one free, month long membership to Marching Arts Education.

How to Enter

Applicants may enter by filling out the online form, available at or through directly filling out the Google Form here: Entries must be completed by the applicant and not through any professional service or with a bot. The criteria for selection will be based on the responses to the application. These are:

  • The applicant's participation and¬†experience
  • Why you should be selected for this scholarship award
  • Why you want to be a marching arts¬†participant

Winner Selection

Scholarship and Group Prize winners will be selected by the Prize Committee.

Applications are accepted between November 1, 2022 through November 20, 2022. Winners will be announced on December 10, 2022.

The Prize Committee will be comprised of up to ten music and marching arts community members. Each panelist will select and rank their top six applicants and these rankings will be compiled into a final ranked list of applicants.

    Winner Announcement and Notification

    Recipients will be announced on December 10, 2022 at 8 pm eastern time. Recipients will be contacted via email on December 9, 2022. Recipients agree to have their name and/or group name and picture announced and publicized by, Style Plus, Marching Arts Education via website, social media, podcasts, and other outlets. We encourage all recipients to be interviewed on the On A Water Break podcast, but this is not required.


    The information and picture provided by each applicant will be presented publicly. We will not share the applicants email address or other private or sensitive information publicly. Winners agree to have their name announced and publicized.

    Limitation of Liability, Style Plus, Marching Arts Education, and its owners, employees, and affiliates are not liable if the company goes out of business or ceases to exist during the time frame of the prize award process.

    Social Media Disclaimers

    Publicity for the Scholarship and Group Prize awards may take place online including, but not limited to, websites, social media platforms, and podcasts.  These platforms are not connected with these prizes and applicants agree to NOT hold liable any platform in any way for any aspect of this promotion.

    Recipient List

    Recipients of these prizes will be posted online including, but not limited to, www.guardcloset/giveaway.