1. I'm not sure if a flag/uniform is the one I really want. Can you just send me one?

We cannot send samples of consignment items, but we do offer a 100% money back guarantee. We can send you additional photos and videos if they are available. Contact christine@guardcloset.com to arrange to purchase a sample of a consignment item or to inquire for samples of our new gear.

2. Do I have to buy all the flags/uniforms in a set?

Yes, we typically sell consignment sets as a full lot unless otherwise stated in the product description - BUT you can always place the same set on consignment with us once your season is over -or- we can immediately re-consign the remaining, unneeded quantity in the set and you will be paid once the items sell. We will ship the number and sizes of items you need and then adjust the quantity and price on the web site for consignment for your group. We cannot combine sets that have been split for re-consignment once the season has ended.

3. Can you send us our order and an invoice and we'll cut you a check?

We can send you the invoice and you can pay by check, but payment must be received (or a school purchase order) before the items can ship.

4. How do you determine the price of an item?

We determine a price for the items that maximizes the potential of sales and return to the consignor. The complexity of the design, the condition, and the materials used all factor into determining the price.

5. Can we store the items ourselves and still place them on the site?

No - To ensure prompt shipping and quality, we store all consignment items sold on our site. Every item is inspected by our consignment managers for quality before being listed on the website.

6. We'd like to place items on guardcloset.com, but how do we know we can trust you?

guardcloset has been serving the performance art, color guard, and band community for over twenty years. Our brand is well respected in the community and will provide your items with exposure to hundreds to website visitors each month. We stay active on social media, so please join us in conversation. References from consignor schools are available upon request.
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7. Does it cost us anything to place items on the guardcloset website?

The only cost will be to ship or drop-off the items to either our Pennsylvania or Texas warehouse. We will assign a warehouse for your consignment items to be stored, or you can indicate the storage location if you prefer.

8. How do I know if an item is still available?

Our website inventory is updated in real time.  If you see it on the site, it is available for immediate purchase.

9. What are the shipping times for items?

- Consignment Items generally ship within 3-5 Business Days

- New Flags (defined as any flag not listed in our consignment inventory) ship within 3-5 weeks depending on the time of year and exact design

- New Uniforms (defined as any costume or uniform that is not listed in our consignment inventory) mostly ship within 6-8 weeks unless noted otherwise as quick ship or close outs.  Time of year can increase these times.