How to Design Marching Band Shows that Empower Student Performers

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In our discussion on student-centered show design, experts Ron and Josh shared their formula for creating meaningful experiences. The top designers at Guard Closet stress focusing on students above all else when planning marching band productions.

Josh explained his philosophy: "I write for the students first, the audience second, and the judges third." By prioritizing what inspires passion in performers, stronger performances result. Ron designs with students' abilities in mind, challenging them just beyond their level.

Both select music, drill, and visuals that motivate engagement. "Those sorts of moments make what we do worth it," Josh said of how designing impacts him. Their goal is to provide educational experiences that empower students and create lasting memories.

By working from the student perspective, Guard Closet designers say the most impactful programs emerge. Directors trusting Ron, Josh and their team can feel assured performers will come first in customized show development.

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