Design Discussion with Ron Ryles & Josh Leyda

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Guard Closet hosted a roundtable discussion featuring band designers Ron and Josh to discuss collaborative design processes that optimize student experiences. Founder Jeremy introduced key takeaways would help directors get the most out of partnering with full-service companies like Guard Closet.

Ron stressed the importance of "open communication" between directors, designers and staff. As a longtime drill writer and judge, he emphasized gauging "where the band is at" to create age-appropriate shows within budget constraints. Small programs especially benefit from extra collaboration. Josh echoed putting "students first" when selecting music, aiming for passion over flashiness.

Both designers highlighted valuing your "team approach" from concept stages through performances allows addressing challenges promptly. Ron said "we're here to help you succeed...we want the kids to feel success." Josh said "directors should consider putting themselves in the student shoes." By selecting designs that inspire performers, directors enable rewarding educational experiences.